In conjunction with B-Eat, "The Dove Promotion Campaign for Schools"

Schools Project

What do we offer for schools?

Teacher training sessions can be accessed through the schools project; this raises awareness and offers an insight on how to incorporate activities into PSHE, citizenship or tutorial sessions. These sessions are best booked on teacher training days/evenings.

As part of our health promotion, members of the team will visit Schools, sixth forms and colleges to carry out Self- esteem workshops. Workshops for year 9 and 10 can be incorporated into a school’s health day.

Information required is as follows:

Citizenship/PSHE; Tutor or Teacher’s E-mail and telephone contact details and a preferred date (at least 2 weeks is required from a request of date in order to confirm bookings)

What does a workshop involve?

Each workshop not only varies according to the learning level of the student group but also considers a variety of learning styles.  The following plan is an example of a 40 minute interactive learning session and can be timed according to your tutorial time table. This is followed by a fun Quiz at the end.


To explore what a young person can do to boost their self-esteem.

To investigate how communication can have an affect on a young person’s self-worth.

To consider media influences and explore how toys may shape a young person’s thoughts on body image.

To examine what positive qualities each young person has in the eyes of others.


To understand how a young person can use personal interests and activities in order to improve self-worth (Blue Activity)

To have an awareness of how communication can affect a young person’s self-esteem (Red Activity)

To distinguish between reality and the evolution of media images (Green Activity)

To enable a young person to recognize their own qualities and values (Yellow Activity)

Blue Activity

1) Sharing ideas in groups: What is Self-esteem? Individuality, interests and favourite activities

Red Activity

Whole class: Role play/discussion: How we speak to each other

Case studies on life style choices

Green Activity

Group work: Matching words to magazine images and ‘spot the difference’ between normal and photo-shopped images

Yellow Activity

In pairs: Individuality, giving and receiving praise

Objectives: To use friendships to boost self-esteem: Age range 7 +

Create a poster for a same-sex friend that shows the qualities that are most important to you. Now make a poster to 'sell' yourself as a friend. What changes would you make to the first poster if it was for someone of the opposite sex? Do you go more for looks and images or personality? Agree the top ten commandments of friendship.